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When it comes to social networks ( eg. Facebook) be reasonable and try to set reasonable expectations . Setting a ban could cut your communication with your child and push your child into using the web sites which expose him/her to even greater risk .
  • Read the terms of use of a social network to see if your child meets the age eligibility requirement for using this network.
  • Help your children when creating an online profile when they join a social network . Teach your children never to publish personal information online , such as name , address , phone number , password , name of parents , name of their sports club, name of their school, etc.
  • If your child comes across something or someone who makes him/her feel uncomfortable, explain that he/she can freely say it to you, without fear of losing the computer or Internet.
  • Monitor the use of web cameras and publishing or sharing images. Explain that the photos should not be sent or published without parents` permission.
  • Point out that people on the Internet can pretend to be someone else and falsely present themselves.
  • Explain that they should only use the chat web sites that are intended for young people, preferably those who have someone who supervises the content in chat rooms.
  • Online chat has to be supervised by adults
  • Explain to your child that it is not legal to threaten somebody
  • Try to arrange with your kids that they share their profiles and blogs with you, but be aware that they can create different profiles.
  • Get to know online friends and activities of your child.
  • Teach children never to go to meetings with their online "friends"
  • Teach children not to respond to offensive messages.




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