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When you ask your children : "Have you ever been on the Internet ?", the majority will say YES. Especially the parents of younger children often wonder: " What can I do to make the search , chat and e-mail safer for my child?". Listed below are some general tips to increase the safety of your children when they use modern technology:
  • Set the ground rules . Set limits on when they can use the computer and for how long , make sure that the children do not use a mobile phone with internet when they should sleep , put a family computer in a common space such as living room, instead of putting it in individual bedrooms.
  • Agree with them that they would not meet not meet in person with people they have met online without your consent and without a responsible adult or group of friends present.
  • Warn them not to reveal personal information ( name , address, telephone number , name of their school and teacher, and their photo ) on the Internet .
  • Encourage your children to respect Internet etiquette . What is forbidden in real life , is also forbidden on the Internet .
  • Educate yourself and then your children about Internet safety .
  • Teach children not to open e-mail messages from unknown people . E-mails and links may contain viruses and their opening is not suitable for children's safety .
  • Set the appropriate security level on your computer: Create a separate account for your child with a higher security level , adjusted home page and search engine (see Resources).
  • Do not blame your child for a mistake that he/she made online . If your child tells you about the event when he/she behaved inappropriately or made a wrong decision do not blame him , but be supportive and reasonable .
  • Set the appropriate security level on your computer: Create a separate account for your child with a higher security level, adjusted home page and search engine.




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