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A responsible parent should and can contribute to the safety of his/her child on the Internet. In order for the Internet to be a rich source of information and entertainment for you and your child, and bring as little danger as possible for your computer and its users, do whatever is possible, and let our advice help zou with that. You can protect your children in two ways: through technical measures and by talking with them. Have in mind that technical measures are never enough.

In this page you may find a list of web browsers for children, recommended antivirus software, useful links, safe and free games for children.

Recommended browsers

This web site is excellent, colourful browser fro children. A child needs to type a question or a word in English and click on ôSearch!"

High quality web browser for children within the Colorado State Library, with a database containing 10.000 children web sites created by a group of librarians. It has more than 600 categories and instruction for browsing adjusted to children.

A directory of web sites created exclusively for children and teens.

Excellent overview of of what's wonderful and educational on the Web for children and parents according to Barbara J. Feldman.

Web browser for entertainment and education of children age 6 to 12. The mission of this web site is providing links to the best and safest content on the Internet. Adds for adults are prohibited.

Domestic Serbian web site, "information educative Internet centre" for children and parents.

Free recommended antivirus software

Microsoft Security Essentials (only for Windows 7)

Avira AntiVir Personal

Avast free antivirus

Panda Antivirus


Safe and free games for children

Wild Web Wood

Useful links (English) (English) (Serbian) (English) (English) (Serbian) (English) (English) (English) (English and French) (English)




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