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  • Study the games your child plays to determine if they correspond to his / her age . Is there a chat in the game ? Does the game contain explicit sexual or violent content ?
  • Help your children create an online profile when they first access a web site for playing games . Fill out just what is needed , leaving out information that may identify or reveal something about your child.
  • Emphasize the idea that people can falsely present themselves on the Internet, that they can pretend to be younger or older then they really are.
  • When the game console is installed for the first time, be present in order to adjust all parent controls and create a password for the control.
  • Make sure that the children play online games only with persons they know ( with family members or friends from real life ).
  • Check online accessibility using blocking and / or restrictions that are available on most video consoles.
  • Monitor speech and messages of your child during the games.
  • Be involved and show interest in the games your children play . If it is possible, play games with your children.
  • Look for games that have the option to block people with whom your child can play and that allow to exclude unknown persons from the chat.
  • Check whether the game offers more options for older players , and whether your child may have falsified his age in order to receive more options .


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