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  • Officially , you must be at least 13 to open a Facebook account.
  • If you fulfill this requirement , and you haven`t opened your profile on this social network yet but you intend to, do it carefully.
  • Add to your profile only people you personally know.
  • Do not publish on your profile anything that you would be ashamed of if your parents, teachers, friends from your school, would see it.
  • Do not publish your personal data (phone, address, password ) and information about the your movements ( where you will be at what time , when you are in school, when and where you go out ...).
  • Create settings that protect your privacy on your profile within your account, in the option Settings select Privacy settings and choose the option that only your friends can all your data and photos.
  • Facebook will remove the photos that are not in accordance with their terms (indeacent and copyrighted images). But if someone publishes a picture of you and tags you, and you do not like it, you can remove the tag by clicking below the picture on the link "Remove tag". The picture will still be on the poster`s page, but it will no longer be linked to your profile.
  • Block and report all people who send you unwanted or inappropriate messages and other content . You can ea sily block a user if you go to the page Privacy settings and write a persons user name in the section Block People.
  • You can control who can find you on Facebook through the Search option and in the same way limit the people who you can send you messages , see your friends list , and more . These options are available within the Privacy settings page under the headline Connecting on Facebook where you click on the link View settings.
  • Report any ill-treatment or abuse through the posts or messages on Facebook on the link Report located next to the name and picture of a sender of such message or by e-mail address , and be sure to tell your parents


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